ETP & Power

Robintexs 120-cubic-meter

an-hour capacity effluent treatment plant of most contemporary technology dehydrates sludge, and cleanses dyeing effluents both chemically and biologically.

Robintex intakes all of its water from its deep water pumps but yet it invariably cleanses this intake through a US origin treatment plant.

Its 2-MW gas and diesel operated captive power backup system ensures uninterrupted electricity supply round the clock, if necessary.

It keeps its human resources on a regular development program also.

Robintex has a LAN and WLAN based multi component IT system. With a dedicated server room and 5mbps Bandwidth, its internet connectivity involves both of fiber network and wireless network subsystems to ensure 24-hour high speed access.

Robintex has recently been awarded as -The Best Workers Friendly Knit Factory- by the government of the country.






Resource Consumption:

  * Daily ETP Water Internal test repor    * Total Energy consumption 2016      * Water consumption report 2016         * Air Emission Inventory     * Yearly solid waste quantity    *GHG stationary combustion tool-RBL       *GHG stationary combustion tool-CBL       * GHG purchased electricity- CBL      *GHG purchased electricity-RBL