A Short Introduction

Robintex-Group has three

concerns, Robintex (Bangladesh) Ltd, Robin Knitwear Ltd and Comptex Bangladesh Ltd , in the composite knitwear sector and all of its factories are lavishly accommodated in a 35 acre single premise situated at Vulta, Narayanganj about 15KM to the east of Dhaka, just by the highway that connects the Capital City with the countrys international Port City, Chittagong.

With the world leading machinery, technology and expertise from Germany, USA, UK, Japan, Switzerland, Australia, Italy, Singapore and India, it has been purposefully configured to qualify to be a full-fledged vertically integrated composite knit premise. Beside all of required utilities and about 0.71 million square feet of floor space for production, it has plenty of open space, lush greenery and necessary environment protection measures as well. With 1864 sewing machines, here, about 7500 skilled workforce members are working in an ideal environment to produce about 0.1 million pieces of high quality and diverse types of knit garments every day.

Conceding to its buyers increasing demands, Robintex has now committed an additional investment worth about US$28.20M in the same premise to strengthen and enhance its production capacity. Having completed the expansion, as scheduled to be completed by 2012, it would be able to produce additional 5.5 tones of fabrics and about 25,000 pieces of high quality knit garments every day.

Increasing by more than 27.50 percent every year for over the last decade, Robintex exported apparel worth about US$65.11M in the year 2011. It projects to export about 36 million pieces of apparel worth about US$90m in2012.